How To Prepare Delicious Street Food At Home?


Serve : 4

Preparing time :20 mins


2 potato (peeled, boiled and mashed )

3/4 cup of peas (cooked )

1 tbs pepper

2 tbs garam masala

Pinch of cumin seed

Small piece of ginger (sliced in small pieces)

Little coriander leafs

2 tbs bread crumbs

3 tbs flour

Salt to taste


  • In a bowl   add all the ingredients  which I have mentioned  above along with mashed potato and mix it well
  • Make a small small patties and keep aside
  • Heat the pan in a medium heat and sprinkle some oil to a pan and fry the patties til it turns to brown In colour latrine flip it on other side  
  • Once it is done take out from the flame and serve with coconut chutney / tomato sause

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