Preparing time :30 mins


1tbs  olive oil

2 medium flour

1/3 c pizza sauce

1/3c  pepperoni

1/3c Mozilla cheese Shedd ed

1/2 grated paemesan

2 garlic cloves (minced)

Fresh Italian parsley,chopped

Olives to garnish(option)


Heat oil in  a medium oven skillet over medium heat add flour tortilla to the skillet and spread half of pizza saute over it

Sprinkle  some mozzarella and paresa

Add garlic on top of mozzarella cheese sprinkle some Italian seasoning on of pepperoni and top  with second tortilla cook until cheese get melts till the tortilla changes colour to brown

In  between  pretty hear broiler when ready to flip cover pan in a big plate and transfer it to a plate  and give the toppings with remaining mozeralla cheese, pizza sauce,  

Place the skillet under the broiler and cook til cheese melts 

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