Onion Rava Dosa

Serve: 4

Preparing time:5 min


1 cup rava

1 cup rice flour

1/2 cup maid

1  green chilli chopped

1 small onion finally chopped

Small piece of ginger chopped

Little bay leaf

Crushed black pepper

Pinch of cumin seed

Water as required

Salt to taste

1 tbs of oil


  • Grind rava ,rice flour, maida,green chili,onion,ginger,bay leaf,black pepper,cumin seed, add water as required
  • Grind all this ingredient and make a batter and add water as required 
  • In a pan sprinkle oil and pour ladle full of batter and close the lid let it cook til the base turns  cryspy 
  • Now flip dosa on other side and let it get cooked once  it is done fold the dosa and serve hot with chutney

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